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Wei, S., Thakur, N., Ray, A.P., Beining, J., Obeng, S., McCurdy, C.R., McMahan, L.R., Gutiérrez-de-Terán, Eddy, M.T., and Lamichhane, R. Slow conformational dynamics of the human A2A adenosine receptor are temporally ordered. Structure, 2021, 30, 329-337 PubMed Link

Xi, J., Yang, N., Perez-Aguilar, J.M., Selling, B., Grothusen, J., Lamichhane, R., Saven, J.G., and Liu, R. Novel Variants of Engineered Water Soluble mu Opioid Receptors with Extensive Mutations and Removal of Cysteines. Proteins, 2021, 89, 1386-1393 PubMed Link PDF

Deng, Y.S., Hammond, J., Pauszek, R., Ozog, S., Chai, I. 2 , Rabuck-Gibbons, J., Lamichhane, R., Henderson, S.C., Millar, D.P., Torbett, B.E., and Williamson, J.R., Discrimination between functional and non-functional cellular Gag complexes involved in HIV-1 assembly. J Mol Biol, 2021, 433 (8), 166842 (1-21) PubMed Link

Pauszek, R.F., Lamichhane, R., Rajkarnikar Singh, A., and Millar, D.P. Single-molecule view of coordinationin a multi-functional DNA polymerase. eLife, 2021, 10: e62046, PubMed Link PDF

Stefanski, K.M., Russell, C.M., Westerfield, J.M., Lamichhane, R.*, and Barrera, F.N., PIP2 promotes conformation-specific dimerization of the EphA2 membrane region. J Biol Chem, 2021 296 (100149):1-12 (* Co-corresponding authors) PubMed Link PDF

Lamichhane, R., Liu J.J., White, K.L., Katritch, V., Wüthrich, K., Stevens, R.C., and Millar, D.P. Biased Signaling of the G-Protein-Coupled Receptor β2AR Is Governed by Conformational Exchange Kinetics. Structure, 2020, 28, 1-7. PubMed Link PDF

Lamichhane, R., How Proteins Recognize RNA. Biophysics of RNA-Protein Interactions. Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering, 2019, 3-21. SpringerLink

Hammond, J.A., Zhou, L., Lamichhane, R., Chu, HY., Millar, D.P., Gerace, L., and Williamson, J.R. A Survey of DDX21 activity during Rev/RRE complex formation. J Mol Biol, 2017, 430, 537-553. PubMed Link PDF

Lamichhane, R., Liu J.J., Pauszek, R.F III, and Millar, D.P. Monitoring conformational changes in a G protein-coupled receptor at the single-molecule level using a Cy3 fluorescence probe. Bio-protocol, 2017, 7, 12, e2332. PubMed Link PDF

Lamichhane, R., Hammond, J.A., Pauszek, R.F. III, Anderson, R., Pedron, I., van der Schans, E., Williamson, J.R., and Millar, D.P. The DEAD-Box protein DDX1 acts through RNA to promote HIV-1 Rev-RRE assembly. Nucleic Acids Res, 2017, 45, 4632-4641.PubMed Link  PDF

Hammond, J.A., Lamichhane, R., Millar, D.P., and Williamson, J.R., A DEAD-box helicase mediates an RNA structural transition in the HIV-1 Rev response element. J Mol Biol, 2017, 429, 697-714.  PubMed Link  PDF

Lamichhane, R., Mukherjee, S., Smolin, N., Pauszek, R., Bradley, M., Sastri, J., Robia, S.L., Millar, D.P., and Campbell, E.M. Conformational changes in the rhesus TRIM5α dimer dictate the potency of HIV-1 restriction. Virology, 2017, 500, 161-68. PubMed Link  PDF

Baker, K.A.*, Lamichhane, R.*, Rueda, D., and Cunningham, P.R. Protein-RNA dynamics in the central junction control 30S ribosome assembly. J Mol Biol, 2016, 428, 3615-31. (* Equal Authorship) PubMed Link PDF

Lavergne, T.*, Lamichhane, R.*, Malyshev, D., Li, Z., Li, L., Sperling, E., Williamson, J., Millar, D., and Romesberg, F. FRET characterization of complex conformational changes in a large 16S ribosomal RNA fragment site-specifically labeled using unnatural base pairs.ACS Chem Biol, 2016, 11, 1347-53.(* Equal Authorship) PubMed Link PDF

Lamichhane, R.* Liu J.J.*, Pljevaljcic, G., van der Schans, E., Katritch, V., Wüthrich, K., Stevens, R.C., and Millar, D.P. Single-molecule view of basal activity and activation mechanisms of the G protein-coupled receptor b2AR. PNAS, 2015, 112, 14254-59. (* Equal Authorship) (featured in TSRI News and Views) PubMed Link PDF

Lamichhane, R., Berezhna, S.Y., Gill, P.J., Van der Schans, E., and Millar,D.P. Dynamics of site switching in DNA polymerase I. JACS, 2013, 135, 4735-42. PubMed Link PDF

Berezhna, S.Y., Gill, J., Lamichhane, R., and Millar, D.P. Single-molecule FRET reveals an innate fidelity checkpoint in DNA polymerase I. JACS, 2012, 134, 11261-68. PubMed Link PDF

Salim, N.*, Lamichhane, R.*, Zhao, R., Banarjee, T., Philip, J., Rueda, D., and Feig, A.L. Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of an RNA kissing interaction and its resolution into an extended Duplex. Biophysical Journal, 2012, 102, 1097-1106. (* Equal Authorship)  PubMed Link PDF

Zhao, R., Marshall, M., Aleman, E., Lamichhane, R., Feig, A., and Rueda, D. Laser-induced single-molecule temperature jump. Biophysical Journal,2010, 99, 1925-31. PubMed Link PDF

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Lamichhane, R., Daubner, G., Thomas-Crusells, J., Auweter, S.D., Manatchal, C., Austin, K.S., Vaniuk, O., Allain, F.H., and Rueda, D. RNA looping by PTB: evidence using FRET and NMR spectroscopy and for a role in splicing repression. PNAS, 2010, 107, 4105-10 (featured by faculty of 1000). PubMed Link PDF

Aleman, E. A., Lamichhane, R., and Rueda, D. Exploring RNA folding one molecule at a time. Curr Opin Chem Biol, 2008, 12, 647-54. PubMed Link PDF

Thuy, M.L., Kharel, M.K., Lamichhane, R., Lee, H.C., Suh, J.W., Liou, K.K., and Sohng, J.K. Expression of 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose synthase (kanA) from kanamycin gene cluster in Streptomyces lividans. Biotechnology Letters 2005, 27, 465-70.  PubMed Link PDF

Sthapit, B., Oh, T.J., Lamichhane, R., Liou, K.K., Lee, H.C., Kim, C.G., and Sohng, J.K. Neocarzinostatin naphthoate synthase: an unique iterative type I PKS from neocarzinostatin producer Streptomyces carzinostaticus. FEBS Letters 2004,566, 201-6. PubMed Link PDF

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