Group Lunch Summer 2022 at Chaiyo Thai on 04-19-2022 (Eugene, Susmita, Dakota, Ting, Rajan, Sriram, Ashli, Catherine, Anthony, Chandni and Raegan)
Group Lunch Summer 2021 at Jai Dee Thai on 07-02-2021 (Eugene, Rajan, Andrew, Megan, Grace, Raegan, Chandni, Shushu and Ting)
Group Picture_Spring 2021 (Ting, Rajan, Grace, Pippa, Chandni, Julianne, Logan, Shushu, and Quinton)
Group Lunch_Fall 2019 at Chaiyo Thai on 12-05-2019 (Rajan, Maddison,, Jonathan, Julianne, Pippa, Grace, Adua, and Shushu)
Group Picture_Fall 2019 (Shushu, Maddison, Rajan, Jonathan, Julianne, and Adua)
Table is Ready
Moving table is not a fun…
Guess what inside?

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